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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Official Discography

here part of the stories .... The Official was established in 1997 by Congo & Hasnol . Both of them plays as a bassist and guitarist respectively . Formerly the had lack of drummer . So , Hasnol promptly take up Bum as a drummer . Then , Magoo had called by them to become a vocalist . At that time , Magoo & Bum still had comitments with their own bands . But,their bands were collapsed & eventually they started to joined The Official officialy . The four of them started to work hard until they decided that they were ready to hit the recording studio . They plays hard in Street Punk , Skin Oi genres . Finally , after got through the happiness and miserable , The Official is now a three-piece band relying on close friends for their contributions on drum and bass and is qualified to be dubbed as a legend . The Official had released some breathtaking albums for me with unforgettable bass lines , catchy lyrics & tight guitar sounds .

Their Albums :

The Official - JB Riot Skins (EP) (1997)
The Official - Remember Yesterday (1998)
The Official - A Tribute To JB Riot EP (2002)
The Official - You'll Never See The Last of Us (2003)
The Official - Realiti Rock 'n' Roll (2006)